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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 24, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EDT

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erin to new york city to meet gilbert. >> so nice to meet you! >> you had been on what i was calling the runway. did you take off that runway a little bit? >> i did. i went to the library. i sat there and wrote. as of today, i have 10,000 words written. >> that's incredible. >> reporter: gilbert knows intimately what it's like to struggle creatively. >> you could spend the rest of your life trying to top something that can never be topped. off what if you just kept letting the outcome be whatever the outcome's going to be? >> reporter: now sharing hard-won wisdom with the world. >> will you share with me what was written when it's done? >> yes. i have goosebumps. >> we should say "big magic" is in bookstores right now. we leave you with wisdom of a different variety. my favorite quote from yogi berra who passed away last night. he said, when you come to a fork in the road, take it. let that mare night overnight. we're online 24/7 on our
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"nightline" facebook page and at thanks again for watching and
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countdown to lockdown. a massive fence going up on fifth avenue to protect pope francis who arrives here in just 18 hours. the pope's first day in the
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>> god bless america. >> and making memories. now it's new york's turn to host the pontiff. final preparations right now underway for that papal visit. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. police right now clearing the streets around the vatican's diplomatic town house where the pope will stay. a lockdown outside the papal nuncio. >> the pope will take a 747 to new york tomorrow. >> from there the pope heads to midtown manhattan to st. patrick's, a prayer service at 6:45. >> the pope in washington, d.c. tonight. he will address a joint session
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political reporter dave evans is there. >> the preparations are underway in midtown manhattan. lucy. >> reporter: well, bill and sade, in less than 24 hours from now, the pope will be making his way down fifth avenue and in preparation for that historic visit, all this. crews will be working through the night to install fences all along this area. as new york city gets ready to roll out the welcome matt, what's actually far more visible to new yorkers are the barricades. pope francis is scheduled to land at 5:00 p.m. thursday. from there he will take a helicopter to wall street, then a motorcade to midtown. the pontiff will then switch to his popemobile for the last few blocks to zane patrick's cathedral where he will deliver evening prayers.
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through the night to erect eight-foot steel fences. >> it's a steel mesh that's not climbable. it is not going to be able to be toppled. >> the company had to manufacture these fences 25,,000 feet, just for this occasion. >> i want to enjoy his experience in new york city as much as possible but we have to make sure he is say. >> reporter: the pontiff will be residing in this mansion with the archbishop, the catholic envoy to the u.n. this upper east side block undergoing massive security measures. clearly not everyone is happy. >> insane. i'm going underground for the entire two days. >> we can make an accommodation for the pope. >> reporter: now, after the pope leaves st. patrick's cathedral, i'm told that crews will be back here tomorrow
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night to dismantle all these fences, then quickly install them at another location in time for the pope's friday schedule, then eventually all these fences will be shipped to the next city on the pope's i ten itinerary. how to get around during the pope's visit? here's where several chunks of manhattan will be closed. thursday a large part of midtown shut down for the pope's visit. then from 8:00 a.m. thursday to 9:00 p.m. saturday the area where the pope is staying cordoned off. overnight thursday that area expands east ward to park avenue. on friday for most of the day the area around the u.n. shut down. and from friday at midnight to 1:00 p.m., the west side highway in lower manhattan and the 9/11 memorial area all closed. several blocks in east harlem will be closed friday midnight
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16 blocks west of central park closed. all day friday the madison square garden area off-limits. all this information on our website, and we have more details on the pope's home while in new york. it's an 11,000 square foot town house on east 72nd street built in 1894. it's been the vatican's diplomatic mission since the 1970s. pope john paul ii and pope benedict xvi both stayed there. inside, a private chapel constructed by the family who donated it to the church. the first pontiff to speak to congress. today he was quite busy with back to back events. it began at the white house. he was given uber rock star treatment but it was some children who stole the show. >> bill this was really an
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washington, despite the oppressively large crowds, the heat and extremely tight security. at one point it took us two hours just to get through to security to that mass at the basilica. despite that it was an amazing day. tomorrow it is going to be probably a little more business- like, and all eyes will be right there on the capitol and the pope inside. throughout the day and overwhelming response. the people's pope getting a thumbs up and a blessing to the crowd. they respond with cheers and signs reading we love the pope, and god bless pope francis. tomorrow will be a more sober crowd at that time capitol. a joint session of congress, similar to a state of the union address, but a pope has never done this before. >> i think they will be cheering, but i hope we won't get this stupid divisiveness, up down, up down, which happens with the president. i think we have to be respectful. >> earlier the pope waded right into controversy, talking of
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>> it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem we cano longer be left to future generations. >> and the facebook responded with a thank you for a pope who does not shy away there controversy. >> that's one of the greatest things about pope francis so far is he really does tackle the issues, which is a great thing to see. >> i think that's great. those are messages that we want to hear, no matter what side of the aisle that you stand on. we have a responsibility to this earth. >> and today in his gestures the pope was also profound, when five-year-old so fee cruz from los angeles somehow made her way through a barricade. police moved her away, but pope jess tiewred, you come, and guards carried her up. there she gave a message, please fight for my immigrant mother and father. >> pope francis i want to tell you that my heart is sad and i
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would like to ask you to speak with the president and the congress and legalize my parents, because every day i am scared that one day they will take them away from >> reporter: and again just after 6:00 tomorrow morning the pope will be here delivering the first ever by a pope, joint to them. we will be here on the national mall talking to people, watching the speech on big jumbo drops, then also talking after the speech. the other big event tomorrow will be him arriving in new york city. we'll see you tomorrow. for now reporting live in washington, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and the city is ready for it. we know president obama brought his whole family out to meet the pope but in this picture tonight from the white house, the pontiff meeting the rest of the family, the first family's dog. the pope looks like he's enjoying the poor you the geese water dogs. but the president, take a closer look. "you guys better behave yourselves, and i mean it." all the information you need at
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we will air tomorrow's prayer service, called vespers, from st. patrick's. stay with eyewitness news throughout the week for continuing coverage of the pope's trip. turning now to breaking news, millions of dollars of a dangerous drug just seized off new york city streets. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan on the scene in the bronxville section of the bronx. jim. >> reporter: sade, this is a mostly residential area. a lot of families here in the neighborhood. but that didn't stop a bunch of men from stark an awful lot of sin is nettic marijuana in two homes here. let's go to videotape that was shot a short while ago. this was at 2419 and 2421 poplar street. this is a joint operation between the dea and nypd agents. it was a long-term undercover operation that both had been involved in.
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homes what they found was a lot. small pacts of k2, synthetic marijuana, stuffed inside of what lacked like laundry bags. dozens of laundry bags filled with synthetic marijuana. officially there are no arrests here but the operation is part of a major k2 take down that started earlier this month. again, $10 million worth of k2 was confiscated here. they're going to be bringing that, all those laundry bags out tomorrow morning. but again no official arrests here, but it's part of a longer term operation in which there have been arrests here in the bronx. reporting live, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> okay, jim, thank you. also in the bronx tonight subway service on the number 4 line is moving again after an accident left a tractor-trailer wedged under a section of elevated track. it happened this afternoon in woodland. the truck hit a feeder cable causing a small fire.
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train service was brought to a halt disrupting the commute. the truck is still stuck under the tracks. next to babe ruth. he had perhaps the most recognizable nickname in sports. yogi berra. dead at 90. tonight flags outside city hall. the empire state building in pinstripes. not so much in sadness but in celebration that he was here. sports anchor rob powers here with the latest. >> bill, he was one of a kind. yogi berra died last night leaving behind a million and one memories for family, fans, and the baseball world. his accomplishments as a yankee staggering. his impact off the field maybe even greater. tonight the yankees were in toronto. the blue jays observing a moment of silence before the game in honor of yogi. celebrating the life of a man who won 10 world championships, fought in world war ii, raised a family, played, coached,
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he managed both the yankees and the mets. the mets played the braves. they, too, observing a moment of silence. so many with fond memories of yogi berra. reaction from everybody. yogi was a big deal to everybody, except maybe himself. >> rob, thank you. talk about a crime of opportunity, check out this video. a store owner's back turned, a thief goes on a free-for-all, not one, but twice. and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. autumn off to a summery start, temperatures once again around 80 for the first full day of fall. 65 pleasant degrees.
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caught on camera, brazen jewelry heist. new surveillance video shows a
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at a store in nyack and stealing 24 gold rings worth $5,000. the worker was just feet away looking the other direction. police are trying to identify the thief. all sorts of wild and zany merchandise out there, but pope pizza? >> one man in greenwich village has been creating the pope's image out of pizza toppings. >> we want to do something special for the pope. he's coming back to the city. >> the highly anticipated arrival of pope francis in new york already has venues across the city cooking up a surprise or two. here at bleaker street pizza chefs are now transforming pies into portraits of his holiness. >> we decided to make an image of him the best we can. we are pizza men.
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>> reporter: with the help of mozzarella, tomatoes, peppers to round out the details. >> this took about five hours to make this one, and outs of patience. >> reporter: whether or not pope francis gets a glimpse or even a bite of this masterpiece doesn't matter. he said's more excited about the food for the soul francis has been providing to the masses. >> first, i have great respect for this pope. he's trying to change the world. he's helping the poor people, he's talking about global warming, and this is the real issue. >> reporter: talk about an unexpected blessing, these rare pope francis pizzas are already in high demand, selling left and right. so much so the owners worry whether or not they'll be able to keep up with them. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> creative. >> a little strange to eat it, though. so, what is the weather going to be like tomorrow? >> well, the one takeaway we
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weather unnew york is beautiful. he is going to be raving about it after he leaves. outside a very nice night, cool, clear, calm. there's temperature fire state building in pinstripes in memory of yogi berra. our temperature now 65. the humidity is pretty low. very dry air mass, still calm. the high today 80 degrees. so rung seven degrees above average. there are your sunrise and sunset times on a very nice thursday. so a fall feel it's really summery as we go through the afternoon. slightly cooler but still dry friday and saturday. we're still running with this close call and tough forecast. the best rain chances south. i think in the end the rain is probably going to stay to our south. temperatures in long island running in the low and mid-50s. upper 40s off to the north and west but once again a sunny day. patchy clouds may start to come in during the afternoon hours
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as we make a run at the low 80s. that will probably be the last 80 degree temperature for awhile. more specifically, 5:00 arrival at jfk, 75. st. patrick's cathedral services, 7 1. 76 on friday. by the time the pope is in the park, probably lower 70s. mainly clear. there's high pressure that's still with us tomorrow. there is a cold front sag in later in the day. that comes through thursday night into friday, almost washes out right over us, but essential it's good enough to keep this moisture suppressed. eventually that tries to creep up the coast. first of all tomorrow morning out the door, light jacket, he is special in the suburbs. so beautiful. don't forget the sunglasses. really nice day. here is that extended futurecast. as we go into the day on friday a couple more clouds but all the moisture to the south and even on saturday it looks like all this moisture is into the mid-atlantic.
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i definitely think we'll have some more cloudiness on sunday, maybe into monday, but it looks like that rain is going to continue to stay to our south. we'll see if it stays to the south of philadelphia on sunday. your accuweather forecast, comfortably cool, tomorrow's high of 8 2, still feeling like summer. pretty good breeze going east at 8 to 16. tomorrow night partly cloudy skies is. your seven-day forecast, autumn is still on hold. then a little bit cooler but comfortable friday and saturday. sunday definite more cloudiness but i'm still leaving the rain off of the forecast. there's a super moon and an eclipse sunday night. clouds in the morning on monday give way to another nice forecast. next week we make another run at 80 degrees. the pattern continues. bill evans will have an update. >> the pontiff's arrival is looking good. >> he will like your forecast. coming up next, all that nervous fidgeting you do might be saving your life.
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and imagine one man's surprise when he opened up a $2 million cell phone bill. first, jimmy kimmel who has on his show tonight one of the best singer song writers ever. >> don johnson, james taylor, mean tweets week continues. which big celebrities will show up to be baby! i love that we're spending the weekend together. oh i know!
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good idea. it's off. mom? oh my internet is so slow when anyone else is using it. did you like want to do something? i am doing something. leave slow downloads behind. it's good to be back. the 100% fiber optics network gives you the fastest internet available for all your devices. get out of the past. get fios. rush-hour traffic brought to a standstill in denver this morning after a way ward dog ran on a busy highway. some drivers stopped traffic, others tried to catch the german shepherd but the pooch proved too fast. next time you think you pay too much for a cell phone bill, consider this guy.
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>> your total amount due is $2,156,593.64. >> good luck with that. verizon admitted to this obvious mistake. here's the rub. not before the account was sent to two collection agencies. >> oh my goodness. well, in tonight's health alert, if your parents or teachers ever told you not to fidget, they may have been giving you bad advice. fidgeters may be protecting themselves against the harmful effects of sitting for long period at work. those who fidget are less likely to die even if they sit seven or more hours a day. >> okay. rob's up next with sports. >> we're going to talk more about yogi berra's life and the tributes on the field. we'll also get back to the game. straight ahead, the yankees have the chance to meet the jays face to face but could they make it count?
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so much of us like to celebrate yogi berra. so many people on facebook posting pictures of them with yogi. >> it seems everybody has a yogi story. tonight he is receive ising the ultimate new york tip of the hat. the empire state building in pinstripes. yogi berra dying last night at the age of 90. he became a piece of americana. he meant as much outside the foul lines as he ever did on the field. the organization of the yankees paying tribute to yogi. he won three american league mvp trophies along the way and won fans everywhere. >> he was just such a nice man, and i always thought yogi
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when god created man, i think yogi was an example. >> yankees in toronto playing with heavy hearts, facing jays pitcher marcus strohman. former yankee, russell martin. there goes the game. yankees lose, now behind with 11 to play. the mets at home against the braves, up by six and a half games. magic number to clinch the n.l. east was six but the mets had lost five of the last seven. this one started out well. daniel murphy homered, ruben tejada drives in another. mets up 2-0, but then this one off the wall with the bases loaded. two-run dozen. freeman was just getting started. 9th inning, three-run home run. mets lose 6-3. the good news, the magic number is down to five because the nationals lost tonight.
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with a groin injury. meanwhile a special thursday night nfl game. dominique cromartie won't play. >> now we have to do the job and finish the job that we started, and someone stepping up to get the win j. at the garden, playoff basketball. the liberty in the wnba times. game one of a best of three against indiana. sugar rogers hit four three- pointers. so did epiphanny prince. it was a good team effort. tina charles had 1 points, nine assists, seven rebounds. kia stokes, 21 points, three blocks. in the end, they didn't have a chance. 84-67. game one goes to the liberty, game two sunday. let's get our hockey fix
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now before the end of the night.


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